Hand Tufting

Hand tufted rugs and carpets involve a technique whereby tufts of yarn are inserted into a prewoven material by a needle. The inserted yarn may be left uncut to form loop pile, sliced to form cut pile or produced as a combination of both. The backing is coated with a natural rubber latex to lock the pile in place. A second non skid backing is added for increased strength and stability.

Hand Crafting

Hand crafted rugs and carpets involves the process of precisely cutting and joining together machine made carpets to form basic designs. Hand crafted rugs may be handbacked, creating the appearance of a hand tufted rug. The second non skid backing also serves to increases strength and stability.

Hand Carving

Carving is a highly skilled process of incising a design into a carpet surface. The resultant sculptured grooves create a three dimensional effect. Carving can be achieved on both cut and loop pile carpets of suitable density. A carved surface is suitable for medium to low traffic areas.

Any colour, size, shape or design

Select a design or have a custom rug personally tailored to your specific needs. Add colour, design & texture to a room and enjoy the same quality woolen rugs as found in the most exclusive homes across Australasia. Hand tufted rugs are as restrictive as an artist's canvas - limited only by one's imagination.

Cut pile

The words 'velour' and 'velvet' are often used to describe this type of pile. Cut pile is suitable for all types of traffic areas.

Loop pile

Loop pile gives a textured appearance which combats footprint impressions effectively. It's durability makes it well suited to heavy traffic areas.

Cut and loop pile

Cut and loop pile combinations have a sculptured appearance and can be used to create subtle or well defined patterns. Suitable for all types of traffic areas.

Shag pile

Nothing surpasses the warmth and comfort of a deep lush shag pile. Shag piles are best suited for medium to low traffic areas.

Hard twist

Hard twist pile creates a kinky appearance with highly twisted tufts that curl at the surface. The extremely high twist makes it very durable and suitable for all types of traffic areas.

Felted yarns

Unique to wool, felted yarns have a distinctive look which can be combined with other types of yarns to create fascinating textures. Best suited for medium to low traffic areas.

Core felted yarns

This yarn has a single spun yarn running through the centre of the felt. It can be combined with other yarns to create interesting textures and is best suited for medium to low traffic areas.

Feature yarns

Combining silk, polyester, cotton, leather or metallic yarns can create interesting textures. Utilised for their aesthetic appeal, rugs incorporating feature yarns are best suited to low traffic areas.

Combining assorted styles at different pile heights and density results in an infinite amount of different textures.

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